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Do you want to stay in control of your money?

Is keeping in control of your assets important?

Would you like an industry expert in your pocket?

Sick and tired of exorbitant charges?

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private client wealth managementTax Planning

Potentially risky plans which mitigate tax often do not work in the medium term. This is due to the legislation changing and HMRC coming back for the money you should have paid.

All assets under our premier service receive a quarterly valuation and you will get a tax statement – additionally we use the tax system as it is to ensure that our clients pay as little tax as possible.

We don’t want to replace your accountant – they make sure that your tax returns are correct. We make sure you pay as little as possible.

Who Qualifies for this service?

The qualification amount is due to performance – but you need around £120K to invest before this service becomes cost effective.

If you have less than this our charges start to impact upon performance and it can be a bit of a struggle to outperform the benchmark.

We offer family accounts – so if you, your partner and your children have assets that add up to the recommended minimum then we’ll split our charges between you.

We charge £1200 a year for this service. It involves a 20+ stong portfolio of collective holdings, specifically designed to achieve a sensible level of performance – relative to the risk you want to take.

Generally speaking the portfolios we advise cost between 0.3%-0.5% per annum in terms of management cost, and can be cheaper if we can get them on offer.

Our portfolios generally have well over 3000 separate assets, and 200+ professionals within them – all working hard for you.

If you like the sound of this, what is the first step?

We will arrange a consultation at our offices or at your home; whichever is more convenient. This can be at aprivate client wealth managementny time of day that is mutually convenient between you and your new Private Client Wealth Management IFA.

This will be a simple assessment and will take around an hour to complete and is entirely free.

We will cover such topics as;

  • Broad cash-flow analysis
  • Current asset allocation and investment strategy
  • Current personal details, goals and aspirations for the future
  • Assessment of needs, immediately, and over the medium to long-term
  • Overall attitude to investment risk as well as goal oriented risk positions
  • Tax positions
  • Current Strategic Partnerships

Alternatively, if you want to ask any question you like via the form below we will be in touch shortly to provide you with answers:

Then What?

We will take all this information, and after sending relevant paperwork to other organisations. Your information is uploaded to our secure, encrypted data platform. Your current investments are rigourously investigated to ensure they still work for you.

We will, at this point, liaise with your preferred professionals.

We will keep in regular contact to ensure you are informed at every step to ensure you agree with the potential courses of action.

You may require additional meetings throughout the process to catch-up on where we are and to see if you agree with our intended course of action. We are attempting to put in place a plan that will last the rest of your life – it isn’t goint to be a quick fix.

You will then receive a recommendation visit from your private client wealth management IFA. At this meeting they will go through the holistic recommendation for you. Once agreed this will be expertly executed by our team and our affiliates.


It doesn’t end there, however.private client wealth management

We promise to keep in touch and review this strategy whenever necessary. We offer a short newsletter to keep you abreast of the major changes and regular valuation reports to keep you informed as to the state of your asset allocation.

You will get quarterly valuations and six monthly meetings as well as a tax statement after April.

We also offer a sounding board for any ideas you may have as well as a swift 24 hour response time on any queries you may have regarding your plans.

We have a vast array of talent and industry experience waiting to help you.

If you like the sound of this and would like a free initial consultation call  0115 714 1155  now to book to see your new private client wealth management IFA.

Important Information

The FSA does not regulate some forms of inheritance tax planning

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